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Child Custody

Pre Marital Investigation

During a separation or divorce, we will be able to help you to ensure that children involved stay safe and secure under the right parent. Conducting child custody investigations on parents may uncover chronic negligence, lack of time/finance, physical or emotional abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc.

Black & White’s is able to assist you gathering appropriate and productive evidences in the form of audios/videos and photographs that increases the chances of winning the custody of your child.

Some Important Reasons to conduct child custody investigations:

  • Parents have doubts/suspicions regarding their child's safety
  • Parents need to be assured and have peace of mind to know that their child is in safe hands
  • In some divorce cases, one parent may falsely accuse to limit the other parent's access to the children
  • Finding out whether the parent engages in indecent, criminal, or even drink driving activities that will affect and risk the life of your child's safety/welfare.

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